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& Medical Professionals

Are you a dental practitioner looking to take your practice online? You’ve found just the agency to help you with web design and marketing efforts. Read more about us below.

What does
Million Dental do?

We are in the business of marketing, for doctors.

Yes, that’s what we do! We have a penchant for enabling doctors and medical professionals to embrace technology for their own benefit. We understand that when they’re busy saving lives, they can’t be reaching out to potential leads. But every doctor in the town deserves to be known and popularized for their hard work. Hence, we have chosen this line of work as our core business.

We offer a number of Healthcare services broadly categorized under digital marketing and web design regimes. May it be bolstering a dentist’s online profile or creating a digital appointment booking system, we are adept at everything they need to kickstart their digital journey.

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Values at
Million Dental

We’re an organization that stands by our core values for delivering the best in all our efforts.

Client Centricity


Equal Opportunity

Service Quality Assurance

Consistent Innovation

Creativity @ Work

What makes
Million Dental Special?

Dedicated to the Health Care Industry

We work dedicatedly for medical and healthcare professionals and have made a name for ourselves in the same. Our efforts carefully understand the nuances of the industry to generate unmatchable value for our clients that a generic digital agency simply can’t level.

Result-oriented Approach

We believe in ROI as the greatest measure of our impact. All our clients love working with us because we offer guaranteed returns on every dollar they spend in creating digital assets with us.

Proof of Quality

Million Dental is known for setting the bar high when it comes to quality of service. You’ll easily find the difference when you compare our projects with the rest of the crowd. Our established processes constantly hit the sweet spots when it comes to quality assurance.

Affordability in Every Offering

We don’t charge our clients with mammoth estimates, nor are we the upstreet guys who like pushing their brand premium. We are a no-nonsense agency that believes in affordability in every offering.

Client Retention

Making lasting client relationships and growing constantly as our clientele grows is something we give strong importance to. Therefore, we have been able to manage a client retention score of 92%.

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