May 2, 2023
Best Practices for HIPAA-Compliant Website Design for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations are responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of patients’ protected health information (PHI) under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Healthcare organizations must establish HIPAA-compliant website design practices to safeguard patient security and privacy as technology is used in healthcare more and more. Why is HIPAA compliance a key consideration...

April 5, 2022
Why Does Your Hospital Need a User-Friendly Website?

In this competitive world, if you are a business person and want to survive and take your business to the next level in this fiercely cut-throat competitive market, then you need to focus on their online presence. On the other hand, if your business already has a customer-oriented website, your target audience can reach out...

January 19, 2022
Using the internet to promote your medical practise

Marketing to physicians via the internet can be a challenge. The reason for this is that medical professionals must go above and beyond in order to gain the trust and confidence of potential patients who are searching for care online. You need a digital-first marketing strategy if you are a practitioner or if you are...


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